I recently presented this nude to my client. It was an absolute treat to finally share this piece with her. She was happy and so was I when I saw her taking in this painting. Reminding me why I love painting so much. I asked her if she would be open to sharing her experience. This is what she sent the next day.

“When I first began the process with Donat of creating my nude, I was a bit uncertain and afraid of what would come of this. I didn’t know what to expect, but was intrigued. I had no idea how amazing the end result would be.

When I first saw the finished painting I was stunned. It took my breath away. I could not believe how beautifully Donat had captured my physical and spiritual being. To be painted in this light, in this perspective, will forever alter the way I see myself. He captured my youth and my maturity, my torment and my serenity, my strength and my fragility.

There is a distorted mirror in my bedroom that I plan to remove and replace with the painting, which reflects the true essence of myself better than any mirror ever could. Thank you Donat for helping me to see myself in such a profound and beautiful way.”

– Sarah