While this is not my first self-portrait, it is however my first commissioned self portrait. A commission I had never really even anticipated but very flattered to receive. timCurry2014-02I was recently asked to capture in portrait a few dear friends and family (charcoal on paper) by the absolutely amazing Tim Curry. He liked the portraits so well he asked if I would include a portrait of myself to hang on the wall along with my other art pieces. Needless to say I was very honored not only to be entrusted with capturing these special people in his life, but also to be invited to hang among them in Tim’s home. What a lovely experience.

As you know I love capturing people. If there is a loved one you would like a painting or drawing of I would love to capture them for you.

Here are some of the pieces of this commission.

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donat | charcoal on paper | 18x24