The magic of a commissioned painting

Sari | 18x24 | oil on linen SOLD

I love people. Meeting people is one of my favorite things about being an artist. I love discovering the details that capture the essence of my subject and the unique moment I’m depicting them in. This passion for people is what drives my work.

I have been commissioned to create art for a wide variety of people from all over the world, from world-famous celebrities to children. I feel it is an honor to capture someone in their story. I see it as my duty to reflect back to you a beautiful piece of art worthy of your loved one that can be treasured by not only you and your family for years, but for generations to come – a family heirloom. The idea that a day may come that your child today will one day be seen by their great-grandchild is amazing and beyond special. This is what I paint for. Each piece, from the moment the canvas is selected, takes on a life and journey of its own.

The painting process

The process of creating commissioned art is a beautiful one. It’s one of birth and creation. I love hearing your ideas, but if you are not sure about what you want, that’s okay, too. Either way, as we interact, I will make suggestions for the concepts and provide guidance for the “look” of the finished work.

Photography allows us to avoid the long sitting hours and the opportunity to create a painting different from a traditional portrait. If I’m in your vicinity, we can set up a photo shoot and use some of the most interesting photos as my source material. However, if we are creating a piece from a longer distance we have a few options. I have successfully created many paintings based on existing photography. Alternatively I can use purposefully shot photos by someone close to your location. With my direction and tips this can be an amateur photographer or a local professional. All options work – it all depends on the actual photos.

3 brothers I love | 9x12 | oil on canvas

A painting just for you

With my extensive and traditional training, I’m able to customize a painting or drawing using techniques that are in tune with your wishes and preferred aesthetics and budget. Our interactions as we discuss your desired outcome are a crucial part of my artistic process.


Commissioned art is highly customized, so prices can vary from $800 to $8,000 or more for large pieces. Cost is influenced by medium, level of finish, size, and the number of elements in the final work. We’ll discuss your budget at the outset to help create a beautiful commission that meets all of your needs.

Medium options

I hope I’ll have the opportunity to create a special piece of art and an heirloom for you and your family, too. I’d be honored to be part of your story.

exploring in the garden | 11x14 | oil on linen

exploring in the garden | 11×14 | oil on linen – This piece was based on client supplied photography by Felicia Chang. (A locally based photographer in Southern California)

girl in red | oil on panel | 9x13

Oil painting with regular to loose brush work

Little brother | oil sketch on linen | 4x6

Oil sketch on canvas

Jordana with mother | 20x16 | oil on board SOLD

Oil painting with very precise paint application

Mr and Mrs Barbe in Provence | 8x10 | oil on linen SOLD

Oil painting with regular to loose brush work

kate | charcoal on paper | 18x24

Charcoal on paper | 18×24

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