“Branden” and “Sofia” are 2 more commissions for Sari and Matt Shore from Miami, Florida. Their children were to be captured in a contemporary setting to go along with  “Sari” the painting of their mother.

The process

After discussing the objectives and requirements of these paintings I spent time with the children and photographed them. I then edited the photos and selected a few to inspire the paintings.  The sizes were selected to fit on a particular wall with many other photos of the Shore family. With that I then began creating and painting. Sari and Matt didn’t see the painting until they were done.

The shoot

The process


The paintings

Branden  | 9×12  |  oil on board

Branden | 9x12 | oil on board SOLD

Branden – detail


Sofia  | 9×12  |  oil on board

Sofia | 9x12 | oil on board SOLD

Sofia – detail