A miracle journey – video image

See a painting develop in the video below. The story behind the painting: a most beautiful and loving woman and dear friend of mine had the misfortune to encounter medical complications that likely canceled any chance for her to become a mother. Before that, being a mother was one of her most desired dreams. A few years ago, her miracle happened and today she lives in full joy, sharing her life with her husband and 3 year old daughter. Her daughter couldn't be more full of life and love. I painted this piece to share a miracle journey that almost never was. a miracle journey  | 12 x 12  |  oil on ...

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Sari, a young mother of two – a commission image

This is "Sari — a young mother of two"  | 18x24  |  oil on linen. This painting was commissioned for Sari and Matt Shore out of Miami, Florida. My goal was to capture Sari as the woman she is in the middle of her story  in all her colors as a mother, wife, lover, young innocent soul and life experienced woman. I honed in on the essence of Sari while the canvas is left unfinished as her story is unfolding in front of us, leaving the excitement of what all lays ahead . Quietly depicted, she is powerfully the mother of all the family that will come after her. While this piece begins it's life in their contemporary home ...

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My first commissioned self portrait image

While this is not my first self-portrait, it is however my first commissioned self portrait. A commission I had never really even anticipated but very flattered to receive. I was recently asked to capture in portrait a few dear friends and family (charcoal on paper) by the absolutely amazing Tim Curry. He liked the portraits so well he asked if I would include a portrait of myself to hang on the wall along with my other art pieces. Needless to say I was very honored not only to be entrusted with capturing these special people in his life, but also to be invited to hang among them in Tim's home. What a lovely experience. As you know I love capturing ...

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Branden and Sofia – commission image

"Branden" and "Sofia" are 2 more commissions for Sari and Matt Shore from Miami, Florida. Their children were to be captured in a contemporary setting to go along with  "Sari" the painting of their mother. The process After discussing the objectives and requirements of these paintings I spent time with the children and photographed them. I then edited the photos and selected a few to inspire the paintings.  The sizes were selected to fit on a particular wall with many other photos of the Shore family. With that I then began creating and painting. Sari and Matt didn't see the painting until they were done. The shoot The process   The paintings Branden  | 9×12  |  oil on board Branden - detail Sofia  | 9×12  |  oil on board Sofia ...

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