Donat was born in Brugge, Belgium, one of the art capitals of Europe. He began his studies at the Brugge Academy of Fine Arts. The Academy, where many of the Flemish greats taught, dates back to Van Eyck’s period (Brugge, 1430).
Experiencing Monet and Renoir’s revolution first hand a little over a 120 years before him it was here that Donat was introduced to his first passion–Impressionism. After graduating with highest honors, Donat was eagerly accepted at the Chelsea College of Art in London, England, where he completed his studies and broadened his artistic influences.

Having grown up with his parents love of art and his 3 younger sisters in a haven that is one of the oldest, artistic and most magnificent cities of Europe, Donat became keenly aware of life’s inherent beauty. After moving away, he realized that not all of our world’s beauty is at the forefront. Today, Donat finds the strongest component of beauty to be innocence. Although reality is key, he looks for the innocence in each subject. He believes it is what we are born to see and feel, before society and the world close us up and blind us. In essence, Donat’s work is an artist voyage to find the innocence in our world and articulate its beauty, seen through his eyes.

Donat currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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